About Us

The Company

The Kurber5000 is built and distributed by PK Manufacturing, Incorporated. Located in the heart of Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, this privately owned company has been modifying the Kurber5000 with one innovative idea after another for nearly 10 years. Along with input from many satisfied users and a president with an extensive background in metal fabrication and heavy equipment mechanics, PK Manufacturing has developed a curbing machine in a class by itself. The current model of the Kurber5000 has undergone extensive testing in the field and sets the standard by which all curbing machines should be measured.

Product Support

Kurber5000 product support is legendary among our customers. We inventory a full line of parts with most orders shipped the same day. Parts orders as well as requests for technical support are welcomed 24 hours a day. We also offer a full fabrication shop which can turn your unique curbing requirements (or headaches) into profitable ventures. All new machines are delivered by a factory rep who stays at the job site as long as necessary to answer questions and to assure a smooth startup. Our goal is to offer you the finest equipment, service and value in the curbing industry.

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