The Kurber5000 Machine Specifications

Engine: Perkins 800 series 63 hp diesel.
Sensors: Hall effect electronic line, grade and slope controls.
Hydraulics: Eaton servo controlled motor piston with planetary gearbox.
Paddles: Pump piston with servo controlled motor piston and planetary gearbox.
Hydraulic cylinders: Pump compensated with solenoid controlled valve stack.
Trimmer: Vane pump and Charlyn motor. Auger style blade with carbide teeth.
Individual side hydraulic cylinder slope controls.
Molds: Standard molds to 30”. Configuration made to order. Special order molds to 8 feet wide.
Turning radius: Center pour = 8’0″. Side pour = 4’0″.
Concrete compaction: Paddle compaction system – no vibration.
Fuel tank capacity: 20 gallons.
Hydraulic capacity: 22 gallons.
Transport speed: 110 feet per minute.
Weight: 6,950 pounds.
Total Length: 12’3″
Total Width: Standard center pour machine: 5’2″. Side pour: 6’2″
Total Height: 5’10″
Pouring speed: As with any curbing machine, pouring speed is determined by many factors, including concrete mix design, slump, operator experience, concrete delivery, weather and ground conditions. Because of so many variables, we do not list pouring speed in our specifications. Our unique combination of paddle compaction of the concrete, along with state of the art electronic sensor controls, allows increased travel speeds while still maintaining quality curb placement. Field experience has shown that, under average conditions, the Kurber5000 can lay curb and empty a ten-yard load of concrete within 15 minutes.

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