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How long does it take to change molds?

 An experienced operator can change molds in the field by himself in five to ten minutes.

What makes the Kurber5000 trimmer so unique?

The trimmer is an auger style with carbide
teeth. Individual hydraulic side controls allow exact adjustment of trimmer depth. A full width design adjusts grade for mold and curb placement, and for the support wheels on either side of the mold, resulting in increased accuracy of curb placement.

 How trouble free is the central computer?

The Kurber5000 has no central computer. The “brains” for the machine are located in the sensors, which are interchangeable. Many operators carry a spare sensor in case it is needed.

How can the Kurber5000, with its compact size, deliver as good or better results than much larger machines?

Performance is not always determined by size. The compact size of the Kurber5000 gives our
customers the edge when competing in an open market.

What does the Kurber5000 cost?

Kurber5000 pricing is dependent upon many factors, including market conditions, machine configuration, and location. Please call (713)269-4400 for current pricing to meet your needs. 

 What is the time lag between placing an order and taking delivery?

We appreciate receiving six to eight weeks lead-time for delivery of a new Kurber5000. Sooner delivery may be made, depending on inventory and shipping arrangements. 

What is involved in transporting the Kurber5000 from one job site to another?

The Kurber5000 weighs in at just under 7000 pounds and can be towed on a tandem axle trailer pulled by a full size pickup. 

 How accurate are the sensors in tracking a string line?

The sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted to react within a few hundredths of an inch of deviation in the string line. 

How well does the Kurber5000 negotiate a tight radius?

Field conditions show the center pour machine can follow a string line and pour curb with an 8-foot radius. The steering offset compensates for the tendency of the machine to “cut the corner.” The side pour machine can negotiate a 4-foot radius. 

With ever-rising fuel costs, what kind of “mileage” does the Kurber5000 get?

At full throttle, the Kurber5000 consumes about 1.5 gallons of diesel per hour. Under average field conditions, most operators fill the 20-gallon fuel tank every other day. 

Is the engine dependable in delivering enough power?

The 800 series engine comes with a
two-year factory warranty. With 63hp, it delivers more than enough power to operate under any
load requirements.

Because there are no vibrators on the machine, will the curb still come out smooth?

Yes! The concrete is forced into the mold with paddles, packing the concrete into a dense smooth surface as it leaves the mold. Preventing aggregate settlement, this process allows greater tolerance in concrete mix design and faster curb placement as a wet curb tends to stand better without vibration. 

 If we are required to lay rebar in our curbs, can the Kurber5000 do this?

Absolutely! Any mold can be configured with feeding tubes, which allow properly placed rebar to be automatically embedded into the curb as it is poured. 

What are the standard mold widths and what is the cost of ordering a custom mold?

Our standard mold widths range from 6″ to 30″ wide and is priced around $1200.00. We will custom make any mold configuration to meet your need. Molds wider than 30″ require the machine to be expanded and pricing is dependent upon the size of the mold. 

What parts inventory do you maintain and what about shipping?

We inventory a full line of parts for the Kurber5000. Most orders are shipped the same day received and any part can be shipped next day air if requested. 

How about service? If I am pouring curb in Florida at 7AM and break down, can I reach anyone in Oregon for parts or support?

 We have phone numbers which generally get you in touch with a “live” person any time of the day, seven days a week. In the event several people call at once or cell reception is not available, the call may go to voice mail. In that case, it will be returned within two hours. 

While I have experience with other curbing machines, the Kurber5000 is new to me. Does the purchase of the machine come with training?

Absolutely! All machines are delivered by a knowledgeable factory representative who will stay at the job site as long as necessary to assure a smooth startup. 

Is there any on-the-job training available for first time buyers?
I notice you make no claims about being number one in the country, in the world or even in Oregon. Care to comment?

We manufacture a quality machine, which lays extremely accurate curb in a timely and efficient manner. This machine weighs 1/3 that of the competition and is priced at about 1/2 the cost of other comparable units. To our clients, the Kurber5000 is number one and we strive to make sure our machines meet that ranking. 

 Is it true the Kurber5000 can be “expanded” out to pour a sidewalk?

The Kurber5000 is capable of being expanded to any width up to 8 feet, allowing the machine to pour sidewalks. 

How much curb can the Kurber5000 pour in an average day and how big a crew does it take to operate the machine?

Daily production and crew requirement is influenced by many
factors. While we feel the Kurber5000 is fast and accurate, we suggest contacting other owners
or any of our listed references to hear their experiences.

If the machine can do all you claim, how come I haven’t heard about it before?

Until recently, we have concentrated on producing a quality machine marketed by word of mouth recommendations from satisfied users. We are now beginning to aggressively market the Kurber5000. 

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